Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thesis Statement

Universally we are faced with certain degrees of limitation and control, and focusing within the realm of architecture, the architect and the user are faced to interact with them.  Boundaries based upon the limitations of a site can be determined by the proximity of objects to it, which begin to describe the surrounding density of the location.  Interactions of a boundary with users begin to activate the space within these limitations creating feedback for the architect.  Responding to the limits of the site and adapting architecture into this boundary enables the human scale to translate into the built environment.

The relationships between different objects to one another inform a degree of separation.  These relationships provide information such as dimensions which produce a reality.  The reality of space within architecture defines a limitation of scale to the user.  A user can be controlled by dimension through means of interaction with a space, creating a dialogue between the boundary and the user.  The information accrued from such interactions provides insight toward the conceptualization of architecture.


I want to share with you the development of my Degree Project as I come to close a chapter of my life here at Rhode Island School of Design, but begin a new life after.  This architectural project is supposed to be the culmination of my thoughts, processes and concepts, and my own idea of what an architectural project could be.