Saturday, February 7, 2009


To describe in model form a direction in which to pursue my degree project, I created a series of boards, roughly 12" square, that were organized in a vertical orientation with a few inches of separation between each board. Each of the boards had a pattern cut through them, and all were variations of one another. The easiest way to describe the patterns would be to visualize a gear pattern of a manual transmission vehicle. If all layers were stacked on top of each other without the few inches of separation, a definite path was distinguished. However, with the few inches of separation, the path was not clearly defined. A plexiglass dowel rod was incorporated into the project to allow for interaction of people and the installation. The rod was inserted into the top board and thus began the process and discovery of the path through the patterns and boards to the bottom.

The intent of the probe was to describe how a series of variations vertically organized along with the interaction of a continuous element attempting to find a connection between them is discovered or resolved.

Discovering ways in which to continue after the installation was completed involved conversations with fellow students as well as members of the faculty.

The image below is of the completed installation with plexiglass rod inserted.

The image below depicts the patterns of each board stacked on top of each other, showing the variations of each pattern. The round plexiglass rod is in the center.

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